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optionyardOptionyard is a binary options broker competing in a big industry of binary options brokers. Binary options are quite complex and therefore a good broker is required to deal in them with maximum simplicity and clarity. There are thousands of binary options brokers in the market who are making it quite simple to understand and trade. With so many brokers around the competition in this market has become difficult, but even after all this Optionyard has come up with some of the most efficient trading tools and has made a huge name amongst binary options brokers.

Having multiple offices all around the world, Optionyard is not only one of the most talked about binary options broker, it is also the most efficient and reliable broker. It is headquartered from Cyprus and is owned and managed by Formont Investments Ltd. Optionyard uses a well equipped trading platform which is highly modern and provides the latest technology to its users. It started off with its operations in the year 2012.

This binary options broker comes up with a great trading platform which has some incredible features to maximize trading efficiency like:

  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Roll over
  • Insurance
  • Auto-trading
  • Double up

One also gets to enjoy certain benefits like getting timely news about the trading market, economy calendar, etc. There are contests and offers which are excellent in terms of providing monetary benefits to the traders.

In this review we will take you through all of this with every bit of detailing and will make every doubt of yours’ clear. After going through this review you will get an idea regarding Optionyard and its workings. We will tell you about its trading platform, accounts type, trade type and the customer service department.

Trading Platform

This is the most important aspect of any binary options broker. Every trader wants to know about the trading platform of the brokers. Trading platform acts as the core of any trading website. Optionyard uses Tradologic as its trading platform, which is considered to be one of the best trading platforms in the world. Their trading platform is web based and one can execute a trade with just three simple steps.

Since its inception Tradologic has earned the name of being one of the most sort out platforms in the world of binary options trading. It provides the latest tools and technologies and has a reputation of completing a trade in very few steps. There are over 18 big brokers which use Tradologic as their trading platform. There is a simplicity in the way it has been designed; therefore, even novice brokers do not get confused easily.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of Tradologic:

  • There is a wide array of underlying assets to choose from.
  • Great execution speed
  • High level of simplicity in terms of design and arrangement
  • One of the most reliable trading platforms out there
  • Wide range of features like roll over, stop trade, double up etc.

With so many advantages one should easily trust and work with Tradologic. Optionyard has made a wise decision by using Tradologic for their workings.

Trade contracts which are offeredoptionyard_screen

Trade contracts are the types of trade which one can get into. Trade contracts generally depend on the size of operations of the trading company along with the trading platform which they provide. In the current case, Optionyard provides Tradologic and as mentioned earlier Tradologic is a huge trading platform therefore the number of trade contracts is quite high as well. Here is a look at all the trade contracts which are offered by Optionyard:

  1. Digital or binary options: This is the first class of options which is provided by Optionyard. These consist of the classic “high or low”, “call or put” option. In these options the person who is trading will have to decide whether the price of the commodities will go up or go down and depending on which he will have to make a call.
  2. Range Options: the second type of trade contract involves judging whether a commodity will reach a predetermined price or not.
  3. Touch Options: This is again similar to range options here trader will have to determine whether the predetermined price would be touched or not.
  4. One Touch Options: This type of options gives the maximum return on investment and is a favorite amongst many of the brokers.
  5. 60 seconds trading: 60 seconds trading enables a trader to finish off his/her trading within a minute. Here the traders get to earn at the quickest rate.

With so many trade contracts available to choose from, a trader gets the benefit to earn as much as possible and as per his/her convenience and capacity.

Different types of accounts and additional features

There are 5 different types of trade contracts on offer and all of these contracts can be accessed through different types of accounts which are provided by Optionyard. These accounts let all types of traders showcase their talent and earn money. Let us take a look at all of them:Choice-of-trading-accounts

  1. Standard account: The first type of account is the Standard account. This is a basic account and is made for all the traders who are new as well as experts in the field of trading. One gets a welcome bonus of 30% on the amount deposited. There is also free binary trading eBook. The minimum deposit amount is $200 and one also gets access to market news on a weekly basis.
  2. Premium account: the next account which can be signed up on is the premium account. This account gives free access to market news, a free trading eBook, a personal account manager and a welcome bonus of 40%. The minimum amount required to access this account is $1000. This account has been primarily designed for seasoned traders.
  3. VIP Account: This is the flagship account of Optionyard and is meant for experts in trading like money managers, high profile players etc. It gives access to the support team, a quick and easy withdrawal limit, access to market reviews and news, trading alerts, account manager, free eBook and a welcome bonus of 50%. One has to deposit a minimum of $5000 before getting access to this account.

With these three types of account any type of trader can choose to trade with Optionyard. Most of the other brokers do not provide anything more than a standard trading account. Now let us enlighten you regarding the additional features of this trading platform. Here they are:

  • Insurance
  • Double up
  • Auto trading
  • Extend or double up feature
  • The take profit feature
  • The stop loss feature
  • Quick trading

These features are not provided by other brokers and this is the reason why most of the traders keep Optionyard in the favorites’ book.

Payout Ratio and Asset Index

Whenever a person wants to invest in a broker, he/she is always eager to know the payout ratio or return on investment percentage. Optionyard gives an average of 85% return on investment for the money traded by them. It all depends on the success of trade. One should also feel secured because of the fact that it provides a money back up of about 15% on unsuccessful trades.

The asset index of Optionyard is quite wide and features most of the commodities which a trader would want to deal upon. One has a choice of investing in binary options on currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and the German bond.

Customer Support Department

One of the prime reasons of dealing with Optionyard is the efficient support system which they have developed. One gets support in over 5 major languages. There are localized telephone numbers for more than 10 countries as well. One can reach out to the department between Monday to Friday (08:00-21:00 GMT). A trader can also reach out to them via emails and live chat.

Pros of dealing with Optionyard

Here are some of the major advantages of dealing with Optionyard:

  • Quick and easy 3 steps trading
  • Good amount of bonus of depositing money
  • Multiple trading tools
  • Uses one of the best trading platforms, namely, Tradologic
  • 5 different types of trading contracts
  • 3 different types of trading accounts
  • There is an option for mobile trading
  • One also gets an insurance

These were the major advantages; now let us check out a few of the cons of Optionyard

Cons of Optionyard

Here are a few of the cons of dealing with Optionyard:

  • Relatively new broker
  • Customer service department does not provide services everyday

With all of this let us conclude our review here,


Optionyard is one of the best binary options brokers mainly due to the fact that it provides multiple trading accounts and has an extensive list of underlying assets. It is a broker with some wonderful trading tools which are worth exploring further. There are thousands of optimization tools which no other broker can provide.

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