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tumblr_static_b1k3h95t1pcggg4k00gg8880w (1)Banc de Binary is one the most famous Binary Options Brokers which has made an immense impact in the market of binary options broking. Binary options broking which is also known as fixed returns broking gives the trader the assurance of some profit or else nothing at all. There are very few chances of making a loss when it comes to binary options broking. Banc de Binary is one of the most loved binary options broker in the US.

Having a great reputation for providing great customer support, Banc de Binary, has always been very quick with its responsiveness and easy trading. It specializes not only in binary options broking but also in commodities, indices, stocks and foreign exchange. This company operates online and lets customers “buy” or “sell” commodities and options. The clients need to predict whether the price of an option will increase or decrease.

Here the customers aren’t executing a sale via a regulated platform; they are rather fighting it against Banc de Binary, where if a client loses his money, that money will straightaway go to Banc de Binary. Banc de Binary was formed in the year 2009 and is being headquartered from Limassol. is their official website and one can open his/her account anytime. They provide traders with an education academy and provide good amount of knowledge on subjects like binary options basic, market analysis, financial glossary etc.


In this review we will take you through an in-depth know-about of binary options where you will get to know about their trading platform(s), account types, contract or trade types and also about their features like payout ratio, asset index and customer support. So let us proceed further and know more about Banc de Binary.

Trading platforms offered by Banc de Binary

Like most other binary options brokers, Banc de Binary have web based trading platforms, but the interesting point here is the fact that they provide more than one trading platform. Banc de Binary has selected particular trading platforms as per the clients’ needs and requirements. This is why most of the novice traders never have to face any sort of difficulty while going about their trading platforms. These platforms have a precise designing and are very easy to navigate from one page to the other. There are four types of trading platforms and each has been designed as per client’s need. Here they are:

  1. Digital Option Pro: This is the most common type of platforms which can be seen on other websites as well. It is easy to navigate and makes everything fall in place quite easily and quickly.
  2. Option Builder: The next type of platform which is provided to the traders is known as Option Builder. With this platform one can customize trade and build things as per him. This trading platform is specially meant for people who have advanced levels of knowledge about trading.
  3. One Touch Platform: This is another excellent platform and is known to be highly rewarding. This platform is also meant for people with advanced knowledge and experience in trading. It is a platform for people who believe that the prices will go up to a certain extent before they fall.
  4. BinaryMeta: This is the fourth and last type of trading platform at Banc de Binary. This is a proprietary platform based on MetaTrader4 or MT4 and is highly sophisticated and well built. One can analyze his/her trades and see the trades working on real time basis.

With so many trading platforms one can easily choose which one to go for as per their needs and requirements.

Getting started with Banc de Binary


Here is how one can start trading with Banc de Binary, one simply needs to follow these steps and understand what is required to proceed with trading:

  • One needs to fill up a basic form which would require the Name, Address, Age, Contact number, email id, password, currency type and a couple of more things.
  • Once the form is filled, one will have to proceed with verifying account information through email id.
  • After the information is verified via email, one can proceed with working on Banc de Binary.
  • This account is going to be only for real trading. Banc de Binary does not give the option of opening a demo account before one starts to trade.

These are the simple and basic steps which are required to be followed before starting up with trading on Banc de Binary.

Account Types

Now let us take you through the different types of accounts which can be operated on Banc de Binary. You will have to choose these as per your requirements and the investment which you are ready to make. There are basically five types of trading accounts to choose from:

  1. Bronze account: This is the first type of trading account which one can choose. The bronze account is comparable to a standard account of other brokers. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $250 before starting with this account. One can trade in over 190 underlying assets. There is an access to daily market reviews and analysis and one can access webinars twice a month.
  2. Silver Account: The second type of account which also happens to be the most popular account is the silver account. One requires depositing a minimum sum of $2500 before starting up with this account. This account gives all the features of Bronze account along with certain other benefits and features like trading alerts and event analysis, luxury loyalty store gifts, direct line to account manager, trading signal from trading center for a period of one month.
  3. Gold Account: The third type of account is the gold account. This account requires a minimum first time deposit of $5000. It has all the features and benefits of Silver account. The benefits increase by certain new features like risk free trading from the accounts manager’s end, introductory private session with an analyst, smart money management plan.
  4. Premium Account: This is the special “lion account” which is provided by Banc de Binary. It is meant for seasoned traders and has all the benefits of Gold account as well as some other benefits like expedited withdrawals, first access to all options contract, analyst educational program twice a month. There is a minimum requirement of $10000 as first time deposit.
  5. Platinum Account: This is the flagship account of Banc de Binary; it requires a deposit of $25000. This gives a trader all the features of Premium Account and certain add on benefits like access to premium trade room, invitation to VIP events, payout ratio which is higher by 2-3%.

With so many types of accounts one gets a lot of flexibility to trade and also gets an opportunity to invest as per his/her capacity.

Payout Ratio and Asset Index

Trading with Banc de Binary is free as there is no spread between call and put. This means there is going to be a clear picture of the risk upfront as there is a predetermined payout ratio regardless of the asset’s direction. The general payout ratio lingers around 71% on successful trades and this percentage can go as high as 500% in case of one touch options. Banc de Binary also offers a bonus of around 50% for the first time depositors. A minimum amount is set before one can withdraw the bonus amount of money.

There are over 90 underlying assets which can be dealt in when trading with Banc de Binary. These assets are categorized under the following heads:

  • Stocks
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Indexes

Now let us talk about the customer support of Banc de Binary.

Customer Supportcyprus-customer-service

Banc de Binary’s staffs are experts in more than 7 languages; therefore, traders from most of the regions can easily have a talk to them without having lingual hindrances. One can reach out to the customer care executives via live chats, emails, and phone calls. They are available 24×5.


Let us check out the advantages of trading with Banc de Binary:

  • Multiple trading platforms making it highly versatile
  • Multiple accounts for all types of traders
  • High bonuses
  • Payout ratio as high as 500%
  • Multilingual customer support


These are some of the cons of Banc de Binary

  • It is not a regulated broker
  • Relatively new in the market
  • Customer support is only 5 days a week
  • The education section is not as vast as other sites


When we compare it with other brokers, we will see that Banc de Binary is much more modern and technologically advanced. The design is of the level of a forex broker more than a binary broker. There are so many platforms to choose from making it really useful and simple. Overall, Banc de Binary is well established and is definitely going to give the trader a safe environment for trading and some amazing features to use.

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