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1Whenever one chooses to deal in binary options with a broker he/she

certainly has to deposit a certain amount of money before proceeding. The amount of money to be deposited generally varies around $200-$250 and this is the reason why many of the traders do not feel to invest in their money.

Ayrex is one such binary options broker which demands a very little amount of deposit before proceeding with the main task.    Saying this, we must also mention that this is one broker which  provides a separate Islamic account and has a very    little execution time as well.

Ayrex belongs to St. Kitts and Nevis region and this binary options broker was established in the year 2014. Even though this is a new binary options broker in the industry, it has still gathered plenty of momentum mainly because of its large trading account and a very little amount of money required to be deposited before starting up.

In this review we will take a look at what all Ayrex offers, what are its advantages, disadvantages, the types of assets it deals in and the returns that it offers.

Trading Platform used by Ayrex

The platform that Ayrex uses makes it unique again. Most of the binary options brokers use a trading platform supplied by a 3rd party developer, whereas, Ayrex uses its own proprietary trading platform. This is an in house developed trading platform and has outnumbered many other traditionally built trading platforms. Having an in-house trading platform has also made trading on Ayrex quite cheaper. The biggest advantage of having this platform is the speed that it offers. One can complete a transaction in a fraction of a second. Here are some of the features that one gets with Ayrex’s trading platform:

  • This platform provides a “close now” feature which lets a trader to close the trade as and when he wants to.
  • This is one of the rare trading platforms to have been developed internally. This means that Ayrex will let its users have a great experience while trading.
  • It is quicker than sound! Yes, this platform is designed to complete transactions within milliseconds. The company claims that it can complete its transactions in just 0.05 seconds!

With so many unique advantages Ayrex gives a trader one of the best trading platforms to use.

Getting started with Ayrex

The first thing that one needs to do before trading is getting started. Starting up with Ayrex is quite simple, it only requires filling up a few details in the sign up form and then begin trading. Ayrex is one broker who also provides a free demo account. This means that even a novice can first clear his/her hands at trading and then begin playing the main game. This is why most of the experts advice Ayrex as a trading broker to rely on.


Ayrex provides a great amount of return on investment; therefore, one gets to be in a win-win situation every time. It provides trading signals and analysis as well as trading education at free of cost. There is an entire setup for the beginners, where they can learn about every bit of binary options and learn how to trade and when to trade. There is an entire to glossary about trading.

Special features of Ayrex

Let us take a look at some of the special features of Ayrex which makes it one of the better binary options brokers in the market:

  • Islamic Account: Ayrex is the first broker in the industry to offer a fully dedicated account for the Islamic Brothers. This account is known as Halal Account and it does all its trading work keeping the faith of Islam intact. The options are made in absolute boundaries of the Shariah Laws. Now all the talented Islamic people can use their skills to earn as much as they want.
  • Economic Calendar and Market News: This broker also provides information regarding the economic calendars of various nations. Ayrex comes up with the latest happenings in the market. It shows live news regarding the market scenario. This enables traders to take timely and correct decisions.
  • Education: We have already mentioned about the fact that Ayrex provides its traders with all the education that they need regarding binary options and its trading.
  • Contests: Ayrex also has some contests for its users. One can win as much as $3600 without depositing any amount. There are demo contests as well where one can win $100 in less than an hour.
  • High bonuses: This broker provides a high amount of first time deposit bonus. If one happens to deposit an amount after creating his/her account, then he/she will get a bonus of 30% which can be withdrawn.
  • Quick deposit of funds: This trader also lets you withdraw your funds right away in to your bank account. You just need to take permission from the accounts department.

These were some of the exclusive features of Ayrex; now let us talk about the trading contracts and accounts.

Trading contracts

There are three main types of trading contracts that one can get into and these include:

  1. High/Low or Call/put options: high/low or call/put options are classic binary type options. Here traders get to decide whether the prices will go up or fall down.
  2. Short term options: These options consist of binaries which have an expiry time ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  3. Touch or no touch options: Here traders will have to decide whether the prices will “touch” a predetermined value or not.

These are the three types of trading contracts to choose from.


Trading accounts

Since this broker provides more of a simplified experience of trading, therefore, it comes up with only one type of trading account and that is: Standard Trading Account.

Having a standard trading account makes trading pretty much affordable and people can start their accounts with a minimum deposit as low as $5. This is also the minimum amount needed to start trading.

Traders who believe in the Shariah laws have the right to access a separate account which is well within the boundaries of the law. Therefore, Islamic traders can showcase their talent and trade easily.

Payout Ratio and asset index

Ayrex.com offers its traders with a solid amount as return on investment. A trader can expect a maximum of 85% as trading profit. The average rate of return on investment varies between 70-80%.

As far as the asset index is concerned, a trader gets to deal in currencies, commodities and market indices. There are over 50 types of underlying assets as per Ayrex.com

Pros of trading with Ayrex

Here is a look at the advantages of trading with Ayrex.com:

  • A feature rich and in-house developed trading platform which offers plenty of tools to customize and enhance trading experience.
  • Free trading education and trading signals. This means one does not need to pay for learning the basics of trading and binary options dealings.
  • Quick and easy account registration. There is also a demo account to choose before one gets into the main rooster of trading
  • A Shariah law abiding trading account especially for all the Islamic people.
  • Simple and easy to use trading platform.
  • A very little amount required to start trading. One can start trading with just $5, which is also the minimum trade amount.

With so many pros, one need not worry about its authenticity and workings. Now let us check out a few of the cons with Ayrex.com

Cons of trading with Ayrex

Here are few of the disadvantages of choosing Ayrex as thy trading broker:

  • 40 times trading volume needed to withdraw funds.
  • There are only 3 types of trading contracts to choose from, therefore, the flexibility to trade is little.
  • The first time deposit bonus is very less as compared to other brokers. One gets only 30% bonus as first time deposit.
  • There is only one type of trading account i.e standard account.
  • There is no mobile app for trading. This blocks mobility for some users.
  • Customer support is limited to only 5 days a week.

These are some of the basic flaws which one will witness while trading with Ayrex.com

Customer Support

There is a generous customer support department for the traders. One can get 24×5 support for all their queries and doubts. Traders can easily communicate with the support department through email, telephone or live chat. Customer support department also solves problems through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.



Concluding the review, we would like to tell you that Ayrex is a wonderful binary options broker as it has a very simplified approach to trading. One can start trading with a very little amount and then gets a good back up throughout the trading period. This broker provides both beginners and experienced traders all the trading features that they need.

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