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Ava Trade – Everything you need to know

AvaTradeIn this review we will overview one of the top FX and CFD brokers called Ava Trade. Ava Trade specializes in FX trading and CFD trading. FX trading means foreign exchange trading whereas CFD trading extends as Contract for Difference trading.

Ava Trade does not only specialize in Forex trading, it also extends its trading in other financial instruments like, commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, bonds, options etc.

Ava Trade: Where you can trade with confidence

Ava Trade platform is operated by Ava Capital Markets Ltd. which is the subsidiary company of Ava Financial Ltd. Ava Trade is located in Dublin, Ireland and is a regulated binary options broker. It is regulated under the Irish authorities consisting of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) and ASIC. Ava Trade is headquartered from British Virgin Islands and is being operated since the year 2006.

Trading is completely web-based and software operated, therefore, there is no scope of trading malfunctions and this ensures solid trading operations. Experts have brought in all their skills and experience in the making of Ava Trade’s platform which has added a lot to its immensely growing popularity. There are no typical trading algorithms used as everything has been well designed by the in-house experts of Ava Trade.

Ava Trade has created a humongous name in the trading world and a turnover of $60 billion speaks volumes about its success.


Getting started with Ava Trade

The first and foremost step is starting up with Ava Trade. Ava Trade gives you a couple of options before starting up wherein you can straightaway start up with your account or else you can proceed with a demo account before starting up with main trading. The ones who are new to the world of forex or CFD trading should get their hands clear by using the demo account and then proceed with real trading. Pros in the field of trading can right away start with real trading. It only requires a couple of minute to sign up.

Ava Trade offers an immersive trading experience because of its diverse trading platform which is completely automated. There are multiple Forex trading strategies which are sold for thousands of dollars, Ava Trade is one broker which provides all these strategies at free of cost provided that the trader chooses to trade in forex. One needs to pay only for the spreads of trading, other than that everything comes for free.

Trading Software

It is the trading software which sets the core of trading on any website based trading platform. Ava Trade uses MetaTrader4 which has got some excellent and highly advanced features that make trading smooth and error free. There are plenty of options to customize trading applications and tools. One will definitely experience a simple and efficient trading environment with MetaTrader4. Apart from MetaTrader4, a trader can also use other automatic trading programs like MirrorTrader, Currensee and Zulutrader.

Here are some of the major advantages of using MetaTrader4 as a primary trading platform:

  • It lets you trade in forex, commodities and indices with a reliable level of execution and low spreads.
  • The pricing is low and starts from 08. Pips
  • One gets free auto-trading with MQL5 support and EA compatibility.
  • Daily market trends and analysis along with study material.


Various features of Ava Trade

Here are some of the most important features of Ava Trade; with these features one can achieve optimum trading experience and results:

  1. Multiple methods of deposits and withdrawals: There are multiple methods of deposits and withdrawals which adds a lot to the versatility of trading with Ava Trade. Ava Trade provides wire transfers, funding through NetTellers, Moneybookers, Web Money and PayPal. One can also deposit or withdraw money by using debit or credit cards.
  2. Minimum deposit amount: One can start trading with a minimum of $100, whereas the maximum leverage is 400:1. One should remember that a higher leverage increases the same amount of risk as well.
  3. Support for beginners: Not many traders believe in new traders, but Ava Trade is one! This options broker has given immense importance to traders who have just begun their pursuit in the world of trading. A beginner gets 24×5 customer support from a very supportive staff through various channels like video chat, email and phone calls. This is doubled with the fact that Ava Trade uses a very simple and intuitive interface which makes trading further easy.
  4. Different devices: One also gets the benefit of using Ava Trade from different devices, be it a computer or even a mobile phone. Ava Trade has developed an amazing app for iOS and Android users. One can download it for free and choose over 200 different types of Forex and CFD instruments.
  5. Multi Account Manager (MAM): You get the flexibility of operations by using the Multi account manager facility where you can manage multiple accounts from the MetaTrade4. You can manage multiple accounts of your clients from one master account. There can be unlimited clients’ accounts.
  6. Training: Not only does Ava Trade provides support for beginners, it also provides various courses where one can develop good amount of skills regarding trading and its various aspects. There are various webinars, video tutorials and eBooks for beginners.
  7. Rewards and advantages: Ava Trade has also come up with various schemes to provide traders with certain advantages as well as rewards. There are plenty of referral bonuses, new account promotions and trader benefits.
  8. Trade analysis: They also provide market reviews regarding the overall trends. One can avail facilities like technical analysis and free FX signals. If a deposit above $1000 is made, a message would be sent to the registered mobile number.

Order types

An “order” simply shows how one is going to enter or exit a trade. There are multiple types of orders which can be placed. One can execute a trade at current market price or can create an order to execute the trade at a later market price trend which might be above or below current prices. Here are the different order types:

  • Market Orders: This is where one can order to immediately open a buy or sell position at the current market prices.
  • Limit and stop orders: This is where one can order to close an open position at a predetermined price
  • Entry orders: This is where an order is made at a future price. Here the order goes to the market and opens only if the pre determined price is reached.
  • One cancels the other order: Here there are two orders where when ordered is triggered the other one will get cancelled automatically.

These are the various types of orders which one can execute use Ava Trade. It is a unique feature which secures traders from losses and provides them with greater amount of flexibility.

Advantages of trading with Ava Trade

There are multiple advantages of trading with Ava Trade. Ava Trade is one of the leading FX traders which you can find in the market. It has a name, a brand and a solid amount of trust. There are so many things which make us rely on Ava Trade. So here are some of the major advantages of dealing with Ava trade:

  • There are over 60 currency pairs with spreads which start at just 0.8 pips.
  • Trade a full range of assets like commodities, indices, stocks etc.
  • Buy or sell any asset with just a click of a button
  • There is no exchange or management fee.
  • There major stock exchanges like NASDAQ, FTSE, NYSE and more
  • Get the peace of mind of trading with a regulated broker
  • Trade gold, platinum, silver & copper with competitive spreads
  • Get to choose between Ava Trader & MetaTrader4 platforms
  • 24×5 multilingual support
  • Trade in energies ranging from gasoline to crude oil
  • Minimum deposit amount to begin with trading

These were the biggest advantages of Ava Trade.

Disadvantages of trading with Ava Trade

Practically there are no disadvantages of Ava Trade but we would still say that the customer support should extend to 365 days instead of a 24×5 curriculum.


Selection_006To conclude, we would say Ava Trade gives a trader a major advantage of depositing very little amount of money at the initial stages of trading. There are other brokers who require a minimum of $250 deposit to begin trading, whereas, here you can start trading by depositing $100 with Ava Trade. This ensures that even first timers aren’t discouraged from investing money in such brokers. A trader also gets to use a very simple yet intuitive interface which keeps trading efficient. Ava Trade actually shows how a trader can be a master of all trades at one time, it is one of the best when it comes to FX trading, it is a superior options broker and it handles its customers well.

It is not easy to have such a vast empire of trading and keep good relationship with employees and customers. Ava Trade has excelled both in keeping the workforce and clients happy by providing them with their specific requirements.

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